Collection Management

Art collecting is first and foremost driven by passion; passion for art and/or passion for investment. In either case the value of the work must be maintained.

Our first priority is to make sure our clients receive the best and most knowledgeable service in the industry. We advise on the initial purchase, assess intrinsic value, often negotiate price for our clients, routinely source the marketplace for the best art shippers and negotiate friendly rates. When conservation becomes an issue, we recommend experts appropriate to the specific work of art, taking into consideration the period of the work and medium. As collections develop, we advise on both further acquisition possibilities as well as prudent "weeding and feeding" opportunities, which include museum donations or sales, whether through auction houses or private parties.

We advise families who have art or have recently inherited art, in the review of their collection. If sale of the artwork is not an immediate goal, we can work to ensure that a proper inventory is created and establish the value of the collection and its individual works.

Our Collection Management services include:

  • Post purchase assistance with shipping and framing.
  • Referrals to art insurance companies & home security firms.
  • Creation of a proper inventory and establish each item's value.
  • Referrals on conservation and restoration.
  • Authentication
  • Assistance with museum loans.
  • Advice on setting up a formal inventory database for a collection.
  • Recommendations on worldwide art storage facilities & specialized art shippers.
  • Direct assistance to heirs unfamiliar with a collections scope, to appraise and organize a collection.
  • Assistance in directing clients to art and tax attorneys versed in art and estate management
  • Resale and estate planning

Please see art advisory.


Custom Framing

Janet Lehr Fine Arts' Gallery framing services has the resources to provide a fine selection of original period frames as well as reproduction options and is particularly well regarded for their custom designed framing. The choice of frame is very individual and is chosen with regard to the work and the surroundings where the work(s) will be displayed. With over 30 years of art business experience, we are well able to help clients move painlessly through the process, whether dealing with paintings, works on paper or, sculpture. Each design is individually conceived and all material conform to the highest museum standards.

Whether framing single works or entire collections, Janet Lehr Fine Arts guarantees the highest level of care, quality of design and finish.  Janet Lehr Fine Arts works with various framers, selecting among the finest based on their individual specialties.

Please see shipping and installation.



Janet Lehr's understanding of a full service covers not only the acquisition and sale of artwork, but also professional on-site Installation. Installation is the final stage in our comprehensive service package, we take the opportunity to advise on placement of the work of art and lighting.

Our technicians are trained to handle a variety of media from two-dimensional to challenging three-dimensional sculptures and multi-media installations.  Janet Lehr  Fine Arts has been installing paintings, photographs and interior/exterior sculpture in homes and offices since 1978. Our fast and efficient crew has an average of ten years experience installing fine art. From delicate glass fixtures to massive bronze and stone sculpture, the result is that your art work is installed to your satisfaction.

Our Installation services include:

  • On-site assessment prior to installation.
  • Small and large teams available for any size installation project.
  • Lighting and interior design consultation.
  • Referrals to local Certified and insured Electricians.
  • Referrals to interior and landscape design professionals.
  • Transportation and installation of large scale interior and exterior sculpture.

Please see packing, shipping and custom framing.


Packing and Crating

At Janet Lehr Fine Arts, we try to take the worry out of shipping. From travel frames to museum crates and everything in between, Janet Lehr Fine Arts provides custom packing and crating services that properly protect the art at an affordable cost. Once your art has been crated, we work with a variety of shipping companies to deliver it safely across the state, across the country or around the globe. Janet Lehr Fine Arts works with some the oldest and most respected crate shops in the industry. We have been providing our clients with innovative, museum-quality crates for over 30 years and proper packing is an integral part of our strategy for moving art safely. Our packers and craters use the highest quality archival materials and techniques to build custom-designed containers. Our crates are built structurally sound, top to bottom, to insure the protection and integrity of your artwork.

Our Packing and Crating services include:

  • Reinforced strongbox containers available with humidity-resistant and puncture proof options.
  • Museum specification crates.
  • Multi-use travel cases.
  • Single-shipment crates.
  • Travel frames.
  • In-house and on-site packing and crating.
  • ISPM-15 compliant materials.
  • TSA compliance.

Please see shipping and installation.



Janet Lehr Fine Arts' delivery service sends valuable items safely and quickly to all ends of the earth, using reliable international carriers and couriers, providing expert handling and time-arranged local and long distance art shipping and transportation to and from museums, art and antique galleries, auction houses, restorers, private residences, offices, and warehouses.

Moving your art can make even the coolest customers sweat. It's not easy to hand over an object that has both monetary and emotional value to a stranger. However, our experienced shipping agents are prepared to handle everything from the small and delicate, to the large and delicate. Our competitive rates and attention to detail mean that your art work is delivered safely, securely and at a reasonable cost.

Delivery is handled by one of our experienced and reliable shipping agents, sometimes in a small strongbox, sometimes in one of our own gigantic transport crates, but always with all the shipping and customs papers and declarations that are required in each country. The consignment is delivered from door to door within a matter of days - wherever the destination may be.

Our Shipping services include:

  • Local, regional, intrastate, state to state and intercontinental shipping available using all major carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL) as well as trusted Fine Art freight and courier services.
  • Insurance for all shipments can be arranged.
  • Reinforced strongbox containers available with humidity-resistant and puncture proof options.
  • Museum specification crates.
  • Multi-use travel cases.
  • Single-shipment crates.
  • Travel frames.
  • In-house and on-site packing and crating.
  • ISPM-15 compliant materials.

Please see packing and installation.

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