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Elektra KB
Elektra KB was born in Odessa, Ukraine and was raised in Bogotá, Colombia. The artist recieved her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, in Visual and Critical Studies with Honors. She is currently getting her MFA from Hunter College. 
Artist's Statement
My work has been focused on the alienating experiences of humanity, anti-natural behaviors and the absurd self destructive path that humanity seeks. The willing, a blind purposeless striving, an irrational urge or impulse prior to thought that can unleash human’s capacity for barbarity which encompasses: War, oppression, total disregard of other species (specisism), terrorism of state, sexual aggression and objectification of women, false moral and neocolonialism. Humans are alienated from their own humanity and animality. My work has also autobiographical elements. I have been working with photography, painting, collage, fiber, video and installation. I do fiber work in which I incorporate photographs printed on canvas, embroidery and felt appliqué stitched in to fabrics.
The Insurgent Women series evoke the destruction and horror of warfare and its absurdity as a megalomaniac compulsion of gluttony in humankind. The Theocratic Republic Of Gaia, is a fictitious world that I have created where my characters exist; The Papess, the Theocratic Army, etc…The Theocratic republic is a globalized civilization where the population gets brainwashed and forgets what reality is. Contemporary society is trapped in a world of lies staged by the powerful governments and corporations; they are the new theocratic governments, becoming more important than god. The media and consumerism are the new subjects of doctrine and adoration. These happenings are producing a brainwashed society, which the powerful are aiming to manipulate. In the Theocratic Republic Of Gaia, the possibility of a worldwide staging of an artificial "return of Christ" is awaited, and efforts to establish a theocratic, fascist world government are taking place. It also predicts an imminent period of intense geological and social upheaval during which tensions built up over centuries will be discharged.


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Master of Fine Arts, Hunter College, New York, NY.
Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany
BFA School Of Visual Arts, Visual and Critical Studies with Honors. New York, 2012


BravinLee Programs, New York, NY

There are Women at the Gates Seeking a New World, BravinLee Programs (Project room), New York, NY
The Cathara Insurgent Women Vs The Theocratic Republic of Gaia Beings, (Project room), Allegra LaViola Gallery, New York, NY


Art on the Edge The New Contemporary, Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY
Art Vilnius contemporary art fair, Galleri Tryffelgrisen, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Untitled Art Fair, BravinLee Programs Booth, Miami, FL.
All The Best People, 1 to 1 Gallery, New York, NY
Changing The World Through Art, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, NY
Art on the Edge The New Contemporary, Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY

Art on the Edge, Vered Gallery, East Hampton, New York
Volta art fair, Company booth, New York
It's All In Your Head, SVA West side Gallery, New York

Aqua art fair, Visual Arts Gallery booth, Miami
Odeon Contemporary Art Fair, El Garaje Gallery booth, Bogotá
Action! Weekend, Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
Action! II, Ghost Gallery, Seattle
Social Realms, SVA Gallery, New York
Dazed & Confused: Dazed Live Declare Independence! Video art festival, London

Los Cuatro, El Garaje Gallery, Bogotá
Social, SVA Visual Arts Museum, New York
Armory Arts Week 2010, (two person show) Local Project LIC, New York


DAAD fellowship. Berlin, Germany
Hunter College fellowship

SVA Alumni Society Award

Chairman's Merit Award, School Of Visual Arts, New York, NY
Visual and Critical Studies Merit Award, School Of Visual Arts, New York, NY



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