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January 2012

  • Illustration by Kerrie Leishman

    Sculpture on its last legs

    By Charles Waterstreet. The Sidney Morning Herald, January 15 2012. THE New York modern art world, as we know it, will officially end on January 22. The Sag Harbour village zoning board of appeals has ruled that a five-metre tall, deliciously naughty sculpture of a woman's legs be finally parted - from its owners. For now, the Larry Rivers piece is mounted appropriately on the front lawn of art lovers Ruth Vered and Janet Lehr.

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    Legs That Go On and On, but Maybe Not for Long

    Of the sassy pair of female legs in retro stockings stepping out into Sag Harbor's historic district, one can say this: The legs are 16 feet tall, are made of fiberglass and stand on the side of a home that used to be the Bethel Baptist Church. They were constructed by the artist Larry Rivers, who still manages to delight and offend from the grave. Some people love them as the irreverent embodiment of the rare Hamptons village with a sense of humor and values that transcend dollar signs. Some people hate them as the embodiment of too-cool Manhattanites and art snobs who should have more respect for Sag Harbor's fishing village past. And after more than two years of pondering weighty issues of art, taste and land-use law, the village has ordered that they be taken down by Sunday in a classic East End kerfuffle revolving around art, zoning law and the still-charged reputation of the artist buried a few miles away.

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  • This week in Palm Beach the Hamptons' celebrate a host of their finest

    Palm Beach the Hamptons' celebrates a host of their finest - Henry Buhl, Joe Cohen, Ray Merritt and Janet Lehr, lenders to FULL OF GRACE, a photography exhibition opening Thursday, January 26th at The Palm Beach Photographic Center, 515 Clematis St. WPB. Pre-opening event kick-off at the Center is a panel discussion Wednesday Jan 25th beginning at 10:30 am, by the photography curators of the Getty Museum, the Norton Museum and Vered Gallery's Janet Lehr.

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    In 2003 UNESCO declared that the city of Tel Aviv was a world cultural heritage site, owing over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings which are spread over the city.

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    We are at a moment in art when "isms" are dead, when instinct trumps theory, when abstraction and figuration live happily together, when variety is better than a single style, and when political incorrectness rules. We are at the perfect moment,...

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  • Courtesy of The Telegraph

    David Hockney: aged 74, the painter is as prolific (and perverse) as ever

    On the eve of a new Royal Academy exhibition, Martin Gayford - the writer who knows him best - profiles Britain's greatest living artist.

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  • Courtesy of The Fine Art Blog


    Because of the controversy, The New Orleans Museum of Art has decided to postpone an exhibition of 74 controversial bronze sculptures cast from "recently discovered" plasters said to have been made by Edgar Degas. The show was scheduled to open at the museum in November 2011. Asked the reason for the postponement, Ms. Taylor said, "The controversy has influenced my decision. I would like to review it more carefully."

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